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Abraham.  Hailed as one of the most important figures in human history.  Over half of the world’s population traces their spiritual heritage to this one man.  His story lays the foundation for the Bible and his life reflects the ground-breaking possibility of faith.  And what a life he lived.  Filled with inspirational defining moments, triumph and tragedy, the events of his personal life challenge even the most adventurous modern movie.  Abraham was an ordinary man who became extraordinary for one reason: he chose to pursue God in a life of obedient faith while not knowing where that decision would lead him. In a word, he went All In.  Will you?  Over the next five weeks as we think about stewardship, we will use the amazing story of Abraham as a springboard for going All In with God.  


October 5            Genesis 12:1-4                  So Abram Left


October 12          Genesis 15:1-6                   God’s Covenant with Abram


October 19          Genesis 16:1-6                   Hagar and Ishmael


October 26          Genesis 22:1-14                 Here I Am


November 2       Genesis 24:1; 25:5,7-8, 11 Blessed to Be a Blessing            


November 9       Consecration Sunday & Celebration Luncheon


Weekly Bible Readings:

Week of October 5            Genesis 11:27-13

Week of October 12          Genesis 14-15

Week of October 19          Genesis 16-18

Week of October 26          Genesis 19-22

Week of November 2         Genesis 23-25:11