Women's Ministry

There are several vibrant Women’s Ministries here at Birmingham UMC. These groups (WOW & EXHALE) are for the community and membership at the church is not required. 

WoW Fellowship

The WoW Ministry is a fellowship of women who desire to love and know God through the study of His Holy Word and the fellowship of other women. We offer a supportive place to be real, be transformed, and be in the world as an example of Christ’s love.

There are two options each week. Both meet in the Student Center (along Birmingham Highway). 
WEDNESDAY MORNINGS AT 9:30A.M. (childcare available)

Questions, registration or information? Email Jodi Christensen at jodichristensen@comcast.net.

2022-2023 SCHEDULE

Sept. 14 – Oct. 19
The Gospel for the Person Who Has Everything by Will Willimon
Secure, content, competent, reasonably happy and fulfilled, such persons of strength go their own way without any apparent discomfort at having missed the benefits of the Christian faith. . . . What do you say to the person who says, through his or her neglect of the faith, “Thanks, but I don’t need it”? —from the book

Bishop William Willimon brings the Gospel of Jesus Christ to life for the person who has everything – happy, fulfilled human beings, who don’t feel the same level of need expressed by the downcast, the outcast, the brokenhearted, and the miserable. Willimon says that the church’s message to the wretched and sad must not exclude the strong and the joyous. 

Oct. 26 – Nov. 16
The Book Of Hosea

Each year we study one book of the Bible from beginning to end without a commentary– just our Bibles, the Holy Spirit, and each other. This year we will be working through one of the minor prophets– Hosea. You may have heard it was the inspiration for the book Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers (now a movie!). It is a book about God’s character and human nature– full of warnings and accusations, but also faithfulness and hope.

Jan. 4 – Feb. 15
The Women of the Bible Speak by Shannon Bream

The women of the Bible lived timeless stories—by examining them, we can understand what it means to be a woman of faith.

People unfamiliar with Scripture often assume that women play a small, secondary role in the Bible. But in fact, they were central figures in numerous Biblical tales. In The Women of the Bible Speak, Shannon Bream opens up the lives of sixteen of these Biblical women, arranging them into pairs and contrasting their journeys. In pairing their stories, Bream helps us reflect not only on the meaning of each individual’s life, but on how they relate to each other and to us.

Feb. 22 – March 29 
An Altar in the World by Barbara Brown Taylor

In the New York Times bestseller An Altar in the World, acclaimed author Barbara Brown Taylor continues her spiritual journey by building upon where she left off in Leaving Church (another book I loved).  With the honesty of Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) and the spiritual depth of Anne Lamott (Grace, Eventually), Taylor shares how she learned to find God beyond the church walls by embracing the sacred as a natural part of everyday life. In An Altar in the World, Taylor shows us how to discover altars everywhere we go and in nearly everything we do as we learn to live with purpose, pay attention, slow down, and revere the world we live in. 

Exhale is a group for Mothers with children of all ages who want to experience authentic community, mothering support, personal growth and spiritual hope. 

The word “exhale” is to breathe out intentionally. Our prayer is for moms to be intentional about making time for themselves and to be intentional about being part of a group that will help them grow in their walk of faith and to grow as women, wives and mothers.

Interested? We’d love to hear from you! Please email us at exhale.moms@gmail.com.

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