The Pastors

Rev. Dr. Brent Ward

Senior Pastor

Rev. Dr. Jennifer Wyant

Associate Pastor

Rev. John Wolfe

Pastor Emeritus

The Staff

We're Hiring!

(part-time, hourly- roughly 25 hours per week)

To oversee the maintenance of the buildings, grounds and assets of the church complex. Works closely with the Board of Trustees on all matters related to maintenance. For more click here

(part-time salaried – flexible hours up to 15 hours per week)

To manage the accounting records and systems of the church, provide financial reporting to church management, and implement system enhancements/improvements as appropriate. Works closely with the Treasurer, Finance Committee, Trustees, and Office Administrator on financial matters. For more click here

Michele Dutton

Director of Children & Family Minstry

Jan Eaton

Director of Choral Ministries

Austin Gay

Director of Student Ministry

Darcie Rowell

Office Administrator

Meghan Walter

Director of Church Media and Communication

Jonathan Wolfe

Worship Leader

Susan Wynn

Finance Administrator