Mission and Vision


Our mission is to build a community where people who have a church home, and people who do not, are becoming deeply rooted Christian disciples. 

Our vision is to plant, grow, and spread ministries that heal and transform our world.

This vision is expressed by five branches of a tree which reflect how the church is focused. These five branches of ministry are:

Branch 3 Feed Worship.jpg

Worship, both corporate and personal, exposes us to God’s grace, feeds our souls, and nourishes our relationships with God, neighbor and self.
Worship is also the ground from which all other ministry germinates.

Branch 3 Shade Heal.png

Our heal ministries seek to help people experience wholeness and wellness in all facets of life, providing a canopy of comfort to hurting people through counseling, prayer, and presence.

Branch 3 Grow Disciple.png

Our disciple ministries seek to help people grow
to become more like Christ.
As we study the Bible, fellowship, pray, and act on what we have learned about Jesus, we are transformed by God’s grace into the Christ-like person God wants us to be.

Branch 3 Plant Reach.png

Our reach ministries seek to sow seeds of faith, hope, and love
to welcome people to Christian faith and to the church. Motivated by our belief that Jesus is the source of love, forgiveness, and salvation for everyone, and that God wants the whole world to know this, we point people to Jesus Christ through words and acts which reflect God’s love.

Branch 3 Spread Serve.png

Our serve ministries spread God's love to the world through sacrificial acts of mission and service. Ministries like delivering day old bread to a local shelter, contributing funds to the United Methodist Children's Home, and going on a trip to minister in a foreign country are expressions of this branch of ministry. Through this branch we seek to visibly embody God's love and grace in our world, both locally and globally. 


Who are we at Birmingham UMC?

We are five branches of ministry empowered by God's Spirit to heal and transform our world.

Come experience Tree Life at Birmingham UMC as we Spread the Word!